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This site is to showcase a selection of work that Andrea has created during her professional career. The items below feature digital advertisements, creative concepts for campaign pitches, and both redesigned and new websites for desktop and mobile.

This site was created with HTML5, CSS3, and occasional smashing of Andrea's head on the keyboard. Credit for the heavy lifting and Javascipt goes to Pixelenity. Andrea likes to give credit where it's due. Andrea also admits that she once had a portfolio built entirely in Flash. Sometimes 2008 seems so long ago.

Future plans for this site include implementing Twitter Bootstrap to create a responsive framework that will be more mobile and tablet friendly.



Andrea has designed web and mobile experiences for clients such as Coca-Cola, Mitsubishi Electric, Rubbermaid, La Quinta, and NBC Universal. Currently, she is a Visual User Experience Designer at Cox Media Group Digital + Strategy, supporting nearly 110 television, newspaper, and radio station websites.

Previously, Andrea has been an Interactive Designer in the ad agency world, and also a member of the Innovation Design Team at Kimberly-Clark Corporation.

Andrea has worked with Photoshop for over 14 years, and is also heavily experienced with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects and the rest of the Creative Suite. She took her first HTML class in 1997, and has since graduated to HTML5 and CSS3.

In addition, she enjoys a good cup of coffee, dreaming of travel, real estate investing and communing with squirrels. She believes every design challenge is just another nut that must be cracked.

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Extra Credit

Illustration image


Oils, Pencils, Pixels

Andrea's background includes the fine arts, which has given her a strong foundation for illustration. She was classically trained in oils, and also enjoys just sketching with just pencil and paper. Of course, digital tools are always useful, and she is not afraid to mix her media.

Animation image

Motion Graphics

Animation, Video Editing

During her study of media architecture, Andrea took her first After Effects class and fell in love. She has since taken every opportunity to further explore motion graphics and incorporate it into her work. When not possible, she uses it for the sake of amusing herself.

Prototyping image

Three Dimensional

Sculpture, Mold-making, Protoyping

While Andrea spends much time looking at screens, she enjoys sculpting three dimensional pieces by hand. In addition, she has experimented with traditional mold-making and is intrigued by the world of 3d printing. She has spent many hours trying to get her head around Maya, and has used Sculptris and Sketchup for other 3d projects.



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